Welcome on my website, so nice of you to visit!

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Edith, born and bred in The Netherlands, married and mother of a daughter. I am an interior designer.

I drink my espresso black as the night and hot as hell – as it is so nicely put – and my chocolate should be dark. Or milk and hazelnuts. Or walnuts. Or pecans. Or, actually, any kind of chocolate will do.

Learning Japanese is what keeps my brain flexible. My body is very fond of ashtanga yoga. And yes, I am Dutch, so I do ride my bike often and when winter comes, I skate on ice, but no, I do not wear clogs everyday.

What do I like?

As an interior architect I like to work with form, texture, space, light and colour. I prefer to work hard and concentrated and I want to deliver at a high level. Creative work makes me happy.


Because creating good designs, good solutions that really work, is nice! Making a good plan out of all the wishes of the client and the possibilities of the material and the abilities of the craftsmen, is nice!

All right, that’s nice Edith, but tell me, what can you do?

Quite a lot actually, but as most things in life: some things are helpful, others barely…

For starters, I have a bachelor degree in Interior Design and Furniture Design and I am a qualified graphic designer as well.

I can speak Dutch (which is my mother tongue), English, French, German and Japanese, on varying levels of fluency.

I can drive a bike, my skates and a car. I can play on the clarinet and I know all Tintin albums by heart.

I can work on Mac and Windows machines and I am familiar with Vectorworks, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp and Tetris. I am interested in learning Revit!

Well all is good and well, but really, what do you actually do?

In the past I worked for leading European kitchen and bathroom brands like Siematic, bulthaup, Schiffini, Agape and Bisazza. I was responsible for presentations and drawings (by hand as well as computer generated), designing, ordering and keeping contact with the clients and manufacturers.

Some of my kitchen designs were published in leading Dutch interior magazine Eigen Huis & Interieur.

For the past couple of years I am part of the design team of interior design studio Depot Rotterdam. We make custom interiors, kitchens and furniture and every now and then we built a batch of our own custom holiday homes. Combining the wishes of the client, the budget available and the technical possibilities of the materials and craftsmen, we form a starting concept consisting of a plan followed by elevations and materialisation. My main responsibilities are brainstorming and searching for the best possible solution for the design wanted and needed, drawing floor plans and elevations of interiors and furniture, giving valued advise about the technical problems and (much more interesting) the solutions and possibilities of our plans, creating the technical plans and maintaining contact with our craftsmen and contractors.

Please, have a look at the various projects and publications on my edk interior design website to see some examples of how that all worked out.

If you want to see my resume, please click here, but be warned: this section is for guests only. You will need a password. If I gave it to you personally, please enter, you are free to read. If not, well, maybe one day we will meet and I will give it to you.
And alas, at the moment I am not directly available for your design work. If you are interested in a design, please contact me at Depot Rotterdam.

Kind regards,
Edith Koppenhagen